Thursday, September 22, 2011

fall is here.

A night by the fire...bringing in the fall. It was glorious. A little bob dylan folk music, some string lights, and blazing fire in the chimnea that you could almost see from space I bet...and just us & the dogs. Matt and I talked about how we could have life carry on just like this with a little one. We talked about baby names and throwing a little earthy mix into their middle names without being too hippie-granola. It was a great night.

Happy fall everyone!


  1. Looks like heaven :) Can't wait to see what name you both choose!

  2. you two are adorable. this looks glorious. i also love how matt is in shorts and a tee, and you have a hat, long sleeves, pants, and socks on. xo

  3. haha...thats the story of our lives. i am always cold and love being cozy....matt is a heater by nature.

  4. That pic makes me want to cozy up with my hubby out by a fire.


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