Sunday, September 11, 2011

[first appointment prep & 9 weeks]

[pretty funny sticker a co-worker told me about]

My first appointment is thursday!!.... Sept 15! I have been looking forward to this since I got the "pregnant" go ahead.

My goals:
  • one word.....ultrasound! Matt & I just want to see that sweet little heart beat
  • zofran prescription. I have to fly to California to go sailing coming up with my family, in which I am worried I will be a pansy for both. zofran will be my friend.
  • I do not want genetic testing, so I will let my nurse midwife know that
  • see if some B-6 would help with nausea, see what she recommends
Anything else I should expect? Do you have any good questions I should ask?

And ...I'm 9 weeks pregnant! No big changes...however each morning when I wake up I expect to see a baby bump just pop out, just all of a sudden. Still no luck.


  1. I didn't get an u/s until 12 weeks. They used the dopplar on my stomach at 10 weeks to hear the heartbeat. Good luck!...and enjoy the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! : ) It'll be music to your ears.

  2. I'm in Canada so maybe it is different where you are.

    Here, we generally don't have an ultrasound before 20 weeks (unless you do the genetic testing). I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks and 8 weeks because, well, because I have a special doctor with awesome machines (at 6-8 weeks it was a vaginal ultrasound...I was like WTF is that...but the baby is often too small for regular ultrasound).

    You will probably be able to listen to the heart beat but don't freak out if there is nothing. It depends of the baby's position in your belly and, well, your weight.

    Nobody can force you to do tests so it should not be a problem.

    I was on anti-nausea pill during 2 trimesters and I LOVED those pills so much. Here we have diclectin.

    Have fun on sept 15 :) xox

  3. so exciting :) Can't wait to read all about it.

    p.s. a million years ago you asked about the font I used for my title.

    Here it is and it's free to download! gotta love that!


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