Wednesday, September 7, 2011

co-sleeping options

I found a new project for my dad... however he does not know it yet (hi dad!).

I really want to sleep in the same bed as my babe. The idea of feeding through the night every 2 hours, the risk of SIDS, the heart-wrenching thought of being a whole room away from our precious babe.... its really a no-brainer for me. Matt and I are quite big people as it is in a queen sized bed though. We have about a 2' radius of free space around our bed in our room, so that leaves very little space for a co-sleeper.  I have been looking at co-sleeping options, tons of them actually. And all of it consists of plastic stuff. I don't care for the plastics, so in searching I found this beauty....

How fantastic is this co-sleeper? Its beautiful, a real work of art. (It also happens to be $300). In our house though, I can't imagine anything better.

I love the way our coffee table looks in our house that matt built- (can you spot our monster-emma-dog?!, its her favorite place to nap)

And I love the wine rack my dad built out of wood-

I just have a special place in my heart for wood things...they are so beautiful and special....and I happen to know two guys that are exceptionally good woodworkers. Matt doesn't have the appropriate tools to make it right now, but my dad does!! My dad has been making my sister and I wood-projects our whole lives.... a 4 story dollhouse that my mom and dad built, little tea-table and chairs, a dresser (that I still use), a full size bed frame for when I moved off to college, a rack to hold my surfboard in my first apartment, a wine rack in our living room, and now....perhaps a co-sleeper for our brand new baby?! It really only seems fitting. Now I have to see if he would be so inspired. Plus we could use it for all of our spuds...however many we decide to have.


  1. Love that co-sleeper! Hopefully he can make it for you.

    My dog lays in that same exact spot in our house. : )

  2. It seems perfect! We are using a moses basket.... I can let you know how it works out.

  3. this is an awesome co-sleeper bed. wow wow wow!!!

  4. We have two craddles, one on each side of the bed. They are actually made by my husband grandfather. I love them because they swing, so when the boys start to fuss at night we give them a push and they normally settle and go back to sleep. I know how you feel about SIDS. With the boys being preemies they are more susceptible to apnea spells. My parents bought us these amazing mats that go under the crib mattress and have micro sensors in them. They can detect the smallest movements of the baby, even breathing. If it doesn't sense movement for more them 20sec it alarms! There is a blinking green light that shows babies movements. It is amazing piece of mind. We sleep so much better knowing that this will alarm if the boys should have any issues. They are called baby sense mats. They are reasonably pieces for the piece of mind about 130 dollars. Hope this helps and you co-sleeper that works for you :)


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