Friday, September 30, 2011


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Is it too early to be collecting kid-activity-ideas?! I found this lovely project to do for your kids learning the alphabet... is that genius or what?! Just keep a bowl of hand-painted alphabet rocks on the kitchen table for your little person to just spell & sort & explore with letters at any given point in the day. Just wonderful. I hope that all of my days as a Montessori teacher will come flooding back to me when I go to teach our child how to read, write, be independent- but it feels like those days were so long ago. Practically another life.

I think I will start a folder on my computer to keep all of the wonderful mom-ideas. That mom that I hope I can be and have enough energy for. My mom had endless projects for my sister and I growing up. From wooden dolls that we could paint clothes onto, to our very own paint easels, to sewing barbie clothes, or even making wood forts to play in. Oh, I'm getting excited!! Childhood is so much fun!


  1. I made a set of these for my classroom last year and the kids loved them. We had word races :)


    thought of you


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