Monday, September 5, 2011

[eight weeks]

[our bountiful garden's tomatoes]

Well, I'm still here.... but barely. I feel like all I do is sleep and try not to hurl. I feel like I am an incredibly boring version of myself. But all of the books and websites say it will all change week 12-14?! Fantastic. Only 4-6 weeks. Maybe even sooner if I'm lucky? We won't mention going longer...that's just not funny.

I have tried lots of foods to calm my stomach, thanks to all of your tips!
-sour patch kids
-lemon heads
-ice cream
-frozen yogurt (tart berry is awesome)
-small meals, constantly
-and then just going off of what "sounds good" sometimes this works, sometimes I re-think it rather quickly.

Food aversions-
-anything our beautiful fresh tomatoes in the garden, big bummer. So matt is freezing them pureed to make pasta sauce in about 4-6 weeks, when I'm "normal."
-meats- except chicken I am okay with
-alcohol (the smell of it, I'm sure the taste of it too...but that's taboo to even think about)
-peanut butter
-anything with flavor.

Yup, that about sums up my life right now. Waves of nausea, my favorite. However, it is fun feeling really pregnant, I don't feel like even an ounce of myself. When I look around at women in general I can't believe we go through this. It's amazing. Women are powerful. I had researched a lot about what pregnancy would be like, but I really didn't have a clue that the first trimester would feel like this. You still have to go on with normal life while you have all of the aches/pains/fear/nausea going on inside of you....that no one can see. You have to push it aside and go on. And the general public doesn't see a cute bump and understand. The first trimester is a secret. But I have to admit it's the best secret I've ever had. Yay! 8 weeks!


  1. awwww - you are so cute! i lived on biscuits for 13 weeks straight - the thought of veggies made me hurl. being preggo is so bizarre... amazing ...but bizarre.

    thinkin' aboutcha!

  2. Whenever the nausea got the best of me, I just thought to myself "My grandma was pregnant 9 times". Craziness!

    Beautiful bounty -- you'll be loving those tomatoes later on! : )


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