Monday, October 3, 2011

[week 12]

Seriously week 12?! Spud is now the size of a plum?! I can hardly believe it. And this is when you're "supposed" to tell people you're pregnant...or so my books say. Ha. That would be absolutely impossible for me. I don't really believe in holding back information, it may be a flaw of mine.

Anyways... 12 weeks! I feel good. Yup. Just tired, which I am getting accustomed to my routines of sleep now. Oh yeah and I need to buy new scrub tops. I feel like I just can't breathe in my current ones. I'm not a fan of figure-hugging scrubs. And I also bought my first white maternity t-shirt. It fits much better. Pretty big deal. Maternity pants still horrify the heck out of me, but I will probably be singing a different tune later on. I hardly fit in normal pants with a normal body (being 5'11 is tough), so that will be a delima for further down the road.

This week I turn 28, which is another crazy hurdle for me in my mind. I feel so old, I love it. But this year I'm pregnant. I can't say that for any other birthday I wanted or wished to be pregnant- so it feels good to want this baby with every cell in my body and so far everything is going great.

Usually for birthdays- seeing how both Matt and I have October birthdays- we go out to dinner on "our" night and usually give each other a small gift. But it's our choice for dinner...a date night. My choice is always sushi. And this year is no different. However, I have the veggie and cooked fish "sushi" dishes all planned out and I will not be getting a Sapporo. This should also be a nice portion of protein for spud. Yay! I can't wait!


  1. Your 12 wk pic reminds me of my own. You're starting to show! : )
    Happy early bday.

  2. Looking good! Trust me maternity pants are amazing. I wear my normal pants until 16 weeks until my mom took me and got me my first maternity jeans! I don't know why I waited so long, they are amazing! So much more comfortable and made me love my pregnant body even more now that is wasn't being squeezed into pants that didn't really fit anymore :) enjoy your maternity clothes you will also wear them for awhile after baby comes

  3. Happy birthday :)
    I can see a little belly. And wow, 12 weeks already! xox

  4. aww thank you for the sweet birthday wishes! and 12 wks is crazy!

  5. I had to start wearing early maternity pants at nine weeks...I was already showing and grew to be ENORMOUS! LOL. I wore the cheap Angelica/Medline scrubs, too. We stock them at my hospital I just kept going back and exchanging for the next size up, as needed =)


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