Saturday, October 15, 2011


[two of the cutest kid costumes....I want one of each lobster babe & homeless kid found on pinterest, of course]

Is dressing up "homeless" setting a bad example for kiddos?! Regardless, it's adorable. I love the mismatched could just have your kid dress himself and give him a sign to hold. And the lobster babe, oh my. I think this could work next halloween when our spud will be around 6 months. Maybe a little bit of a squirmy lobster.

So now we are planning our halloween's exciting! I will be posting pictures once we tackle this DIY costume. This year we have a party to go to and hopefully trick or treaters to hand candy out to. I'd have to say halloween is a holiday that I strongly dislike ....but this year I am loving it, I think things are changing for me and this holiday. What are you dressing up as?!


  1. We are not dressing up, but the boys have skeleton pj's they will be wearing. I have never been a big halloween person their but I think it changes when you have kids. We are taking them to a pumpkin patch today...I know they are too little but I like the idea of them getting their first pumpkin. I guess it will be our new tradition :)

  2. I need that lobster costume for any babies of the future! LOVE IT!!!


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