Thursday, October 13, 2011

2nd OB appointment


Today Matt and I went to our second OB appointment. It was fantastic... not because of the bill we received...but rather the amazing heartbeat we heard again. Oh, I love the sound of spud's heart beating. I also had some routine OB blood work, thyroid levels checked....and any questions we had answered. So simple, it was great. I think I would go in weekly if I could just hear that sweet heart beat.

I am just utterly bummed to see how little my insurance pays for childbirth...a healthy vaginal child birth that is. I wonder what an epidural may cost....or even a NICU stay, perhaps we will never know. It's hard loving my job so much...loving healthcare and the work I do, but seriously our system has some flaws. I will just dream of birthing a child in Canada like my blogger friends classic whimsy and aux petits oiseaux...oh yeah, and I'll vote this 2012 too, that may help.


  1. OHMYGOD I KNOW, RIGHT! When I got the first bill for my FIRST set of blood work and it was nearly $200 I cried...there are sooooooo many blood draws and panels and tests. I get so frustrated...I pay a crap ton of money for my health insurance...and its coverage is lame.

    BUT ISN'T AMAZING TO HEAR THAT HEARTBEAT!!!! magical moments my dear...I am so glad that you are enjoying the journey so much!!!

  2. For us (people from Canada), it is very difficult to understand that a decision that you can make (ex: getting an epidural) can add $$$ to an hospital bill. It must be stressful...especially if somethings goes "wrong"...nothing will go wrong with you, I'm just saying that because shit can happen, you know!

    I'm curious, admitting that a baby needs heart surgery or something like that, is there a hospital foundation or a way for the parents to avoid the crazy $$$$$ bills? Like, what if you are a young single mother without much cash?

    Ah, just move to Canada ;)

  3. Lindsey,
    These are precious moments, and you are enjoying them to the max...
    So don't be concerned about - whether you can do a natural child birth...You will be in a hospital, that will deal with any unforeseen events....

    You can do it... you have medical forethought, and the genetics of me, proving by my natural 3 child births -- that tell you structurally you can do it....please don't over worry.

    Any money you pay will be more than be worth it, the minute you and Matt hold your own little bundle of joy...that will love you forever - and enrich your lives forever!
    Love, Mom : )

  4. We had planned a natural childbirth and then ended up with a lot of complications (not to say that you will). I am curious for the bills to roll in....

  5. I am very lucky, I have amazing coverage through my school district. I walked out of a week stay for me and a 6 week stay for both the boys with a payment of 0 dollars!!! I am so thankful because I have been told that a c section alone is 50,000 dollars not including the Meds and drugs I received. Also a NICU bed for the boys was 30,000 not to mention all the Meds and ultra sounds of their hearts and brains the received after birth. It is so frustrating because this is supposed to be such an exciting time for a couple and yet you are left with the stresses of medical bills. I also wish I lived in Canada so I could get a year off paid to care for my new babies. Here we get 6-8 weeks, really? That is not even close to being long enough to establish a new routine and bound with your new love....sigh.... I wish you a very healthy delivery and an even healthier spud so you are limited on your bill stress.

  6. I can't even imagine what it must be like to have to make decisions about childbirth options in regards to money. So tough!

    I wish you could come and live with us in Canada until the little spud is born and give birth here :) I would set up a lovely guest room for you and the hubby I promise!

  7. Jes- Yeah, insurance blows. We dont have a single bill until I give birth. But I do make monthly payments as a "downpayment" Otherwise all broken down into labs, etc would bum me out monthly. Is it sad that I opted out of genetic testing because of not only less stress but money?!

    Meghan...I hope your bills aren't too crazy and you can just focus on Zoe.

    Haha... ooo...Canada. I'd love to,
    thanks Shana! I bet winter/spring is just beautiful there.

    Sounds like your insurance Erin is awesome...I am so jealous. When I worked for the VA my healthcare was phenomenal. Its something to think about.

    We looked into changing plans for this upcomming year. But with our options through matt's or mine, we pay about the same amount...whether its cheap monthly & expensive birth or expensive every month & a cheap birth. I hear, regardless of the money, its worth it :) Right mom?!


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