Monday, October 24, 2011

crib indecision.

I double checked to see if indecision was in fact a word that I am feeling... definition: wavering between two or more possible courses of action. Yup! It's indecision alright. A nasty case of crib indecision.

[adorable jenny lind crib... makes me want to throw it in a closet for a crib-nook]

First course of action:
So we bought a crib way back when we were planning on getting pregnant within a month of "trying"...I know, it was a lofty idea. Anyways, being the super planner I am, I bought an old jenny lind crib that happens to be dark wood. I love it. It was $15. I know its unsafe to use a "used" crib... but I think that's silly talk. Or maybe it's the overriding aesthetic appeal and cost savings that won me over. I have grand plans of lightly sanding and painting the crib, overall a very cheap project with a modest amount of work. Oh yeah, and fixing the crib sides so they don't move...thats a piece of cake (for matt).

It's now fall...and I don't know how many of you have tried to paint in winter/fall... it's tough. Even in super dry Idaho...paint drying in cold weather is tricky! I didn't get to this project over the summer like I had hoped would miraculously now...I am not sure I want to do it. Plus I know I'm not "supposed" to paint while prego.

[ oh geez, this ikea crib, simple baby life just won me over...not too babyfied, just beautiful]

Second course of action:
Ikea has recently had their cribs back on sale! Yay! They are about $99.... pretty affordable for our budget. And they are white and minimal- which I like clean lines, they make me happy. I was thinking we could scrap the jenny lind crib effort and rather spend the money for a crib that's new and done. We are going to Colorado this winter, so we could stop in at Ikea and bring it on home before spud arrives.

The only con is that I keep on picturing our sweet little spud room with those knobby old fashioned crib rungs in the jenny lind crib. But as you can see from the two pictures above... there really is no losing in this indecision. Pretty darn cute.


  1. I would go with the Jenny crib! But I love that old vintage feel :) that crib actually looks like one I wanted when I got pregnant, then we found out they were boys and I found something I liked equally that was a little more boyish. I think if is hard, you have this vision in your head and that's what you want it to be, but think about this...your spud will not be sleeping in the crib for the first 3+ months so you could wait and paint the crib in the spring after your spud has arrived. So fun to look and make those fun decisions...enjoy :)

  2. Funny! We wanted the IKEA crib but it was not available last year (they had a government recall) so we ended up with a Jenny Lind. It is such a great crib and I'm very happy with it. However, painting it could be a pain in the butt...especially in fall or winter. Both cribs are beautiful so you are a winner anyway :)

  3. I was fully in tuned with the crib discussion, then I read "Colorado this winter" and I lost all concentration. With the way your cute, little home is set-up, the ikea crib would look adorable in your, now, office with the wood floors.


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