Monday, October 17, 2011

[week 14]

[Emma thinking she was getting a treat out of this strange situation]

Week 14! Officially the start of the second trimester. Oh my gosh, I feel amazing. What a relief to be through the first trimester uncertainty and nausea/fatigue/crappy feeling. I sleep a normal amount of hours, I crave all sorts of food all the time, and I hardly feel nauseated. I still have the mood swings which Matt is unbelievably understanding of. I would usually get a bit...shall we say... "cranky" when I didn't have enough food in my system...but now it's just exaggerated by about a million. When I need food.... I need food, otherwise we all suffer. He just kindly reminds me... you're pregnant!...Oh yup, I sure am.

At my work I have about a handful of other pregnant women to talk to about pregnancy symptoms, excitement of our lives changing, and what not. It's a blast. A very pregnant nurse (who looks like she's happily about to burst) mentioned that our children will be in the same school year. I just about had a coronary. My little bump with a heartbeat is going to be a child in school?! What?! That's crazy. I seem years apart from these women who are about to have babies...I only wish I was in their to meet their babes for the first time, but in reality we aren't that far apart from each other. I just feel like each week of this pregnancy is eons long, which I love savoring every part. But seriously, we're having a kid too, not just a baby? Mind blowing.


  1. So exciting that one day soon you will have a kid, it is crazy that one day they will be old enough for school! So happy that you are feelign better :)

  2. I know the thought of them being a school age kid is hard to wrap your head around! Just enjoy the ride and don't look to far ahead or you will miss all the fun of the here and now!! :)

  3. It was very hard for me to imagine an actual baby. It is even harder to imagine her running around, talking etc!

    Zoe has been wearing your onesie. I NEED TO TAKE A CUTE PICTURE....

  4. lol! I remember that feeling of astonishment that there was a child living in me. Not just a baby! I got really scared then really excited! Congrats!

  5. You're looking beautiful! I am happy that you decided to do weekly photos, I feel like I'm getting to see you every week in Boise!

  6. Yeah!! Congrats on entering that glorious 2nd trimester! Enjoy this stage as it is truly the 'honeymoon stage' of pregnancy :) You look lovely, by the way!


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