Saturday, October 22, 2011

california weekend...

[where we anchored for the night next to angel island, fleet week in SF, and my parent's boat]

We spent a wonderful weekend in California with my parents, my sister, and her new boyfriend, Kyle...about two weeks ago. It was a weekend full of sailing, spending time at the beach, lots of laughing, and wonderful conversation. It was a blast to be there with my a bit expanded with Matt and Kyle. It's how I always dreamed it would be with my sister and I all grown up....being adults who love to hang out with their parents with their significant others. And to top it off Kyle is awesome. This was the first time we all met Kyle. Matt was very sympathetic to Kyle's nerves for he was in that same position about 3.5 years ago... talk about nerve wrecking meeting the parents and sister on the same visit.

[kyle meeting my mom... can you see the excitement in my sister? so cute]
[all of us sailing in SF, really a blast]

My mom is doing so much better it made me and my sister almost cry with happiness to see her almost fully recovered from her knee infection. Back when we visited (here) we were bummed to see her in pain and with a long haul ahead of herself. So we planned this october sailing weekend with the family as a goal to look forward to- to be healthy, happy, and enjoy life. Well here we are. And now we will be enjoying life, not taking it for granted.

[Super cute beer bottle...I happened to have picked it out for everyone to drink. They told me it didn't taste so good, but perhaps they were just being kind to me]

[alot of this was going on during the I had virgin pina coladas...]

Oh, and remember when I was worried a few weeks back (here) that I would be sick with sailing and flying out?! I wasn't! I was armed with zofran just in case, but I didn't even have to use it. I was hoping I would have a little bump to show my family to prove to them that I was really pregnant. It didn't really happen, but it was a blast to be able to be excited with them in real life not just on the phone.

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  1. You all look so happy! Glad you could spend time with the family!


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