Friday, August 5, 2011

out in california

Yes... I am still around. However, I am in a different state (physical & mental). I am away in california taking care of my mom in the hospital. I feel a little like the right side of this puzzle....but I will be returning to the blog world soon...hopefully with my mom back to good health & the world feeling like it's in one cohesive piece again. It will be oh so very nice.


  1. take time to heal, you and your mom.
    I hope you both will be home soon.
    give her my get well soon wishes, even when i not even know you or you even not know me...
    best wishes...
    PD: i looove your oneisies...i make some myself for some new moms around husband keep telling me about to open also an internet shop...i will be glad to know if you can share any tips about it with me...i´m kind of thinking about to open it, but i´m scared of the mayhem that it may
    any tip will be welcome!!

  2. thinking of you and your mom, lindsey. sending lots of healing thoughts your way!



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