Tuesday, August 23, 2011

exercise & food prego style.

[waldo anyone?! tour de fat last weekend. I had just enough energy to bike around town in the parade, go to farmer's market, then go take a nap- not too shabby!]

Is it too early to be getting prenatal massages?! I am all about them, even at 6.5 weeks. I had my first one on monday...a treat to myself, in honor of starting school up this week. A de-stressor, that can't be bad right?! I wouldn't say it was any different from a regular massage, but I have heard that there are certain massage techniques that should not be done if you are pregnant, and the length of the massage, so its good for the masseuse to know that. I do feel like a brand new person though, just amazing. I hope I can do these monthly.

I also bought my very first yoga mat and have tried out "crunch yoga mama" on the watch-instantly portion of netflix. It's great! I will be attending a prenatal yoga class next week at the Y. My masseuse recommended it for stretching out my tense muscles that will really help with pregnancy. I have heard tons about it on blogs...and quite honestly I have been looking forward to having an excuse to start up yoga as a true beginner.

Also I am easing into aqua fit- a free water exercise class at the university that I go to. I'm excited! I have gone to the water classes before and loved it. Probably at the Y it would be older ladies, but at the college it's all people like me. Super fun.

Then just eating healthy... it's been easy so far because I don't crave anything. I usually operate my daily meals on what I am craving- which can be unhealthy (ie. fries, its a weakness). But now without cravings so far...I just eat healthy snacks all day long. If I get an empty stomach its not fun- I feel like I am going to loose it, and I start to freak out and find some type of food fast. So I try not to let that happen. But this will all change I am sure week to week...


  1. Wow, you are really staying active. Can you send some of your movitivation my way? Thanks! lol

  2. I love prenatal massages but my favorite spa told me that it is not a good idea in the first trimester (can cause high blood pressure if I remember correctly) so I waited until the second trimester. I also did yoga and it was lovely.


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