Monday, August 15, 2011

end of summer BBQ

Our summer is coming to an one week we will be in classes. It's that we are just getting on with it. This will be my last year of college ever. I will be a nurse after these two semesters. Yay!! And Matt will be one more year closer to becoming a construction manager. Careers that we will love, it's exciting for sure. However, this summer has been amazing. So we started off the day with a float down the boise river, then had a BBQ with our Idaho friends to enjoy the last days of summer.

We made a DIY bean bag toss (aka corn hole or sports toss). We've been so busy this week we forgot to take pictures of the steps along the way. But it was super fun to make our own, and save money.

Matt used a sheet of plywood and a 2x4. The finished boards are 2 feet x 3 feet with a 6" hole. Matt and his wood-working skills put together this sweet set, I was quite impressed. I sewed bean bags out of some left over canvas I had on hand, then filled them each with 2 cups of pinto beans. The bags were cut at 7"x7", then with the seams they measure about 6"x6". I made 4 bags of the flower print, and 4 bags of the stripes. I thought the white background print would get dirty quick...and I was right! Next time, I will actually go out and buy more appropriate fabric. Oh well! We painted a white bulls-eye around the hole, and matt polyurethaned the top twice with sanding in between. It was a quick project...about 1 night to build it, 1 hour to make the bean bags, and 1 hour to paint/urethane. It was about $20 to make our set, with some supplies on hand.

The sports toss was a blast to play! Then we had amazing BBQ chicken and pork under our string lights. It was a great night spent with friends. 


  1. you guys are so creative! Looks like fun!

  2. Oh man... I bet it was a blast, especially with you two!


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