Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my new hairstyle!

Haha... I did it! I cut my hair pretty darn short and darkened it. I love it, matt loves it...and it's refreshing!! I feel like it's a new start, for what I don't know. I have been blond all of my first natural blond then supplemented blond. So this was a huge shock. However, my hairstylist did a fantastic job. We are easing into the brown, right now its a very natural dark dirty blonde. I don't think I will have a root issue any longer. Yay!!

It looks a little darker in real life, and the back is darker. But it also makes me look a shade more tan. Kind of fun... but man, I hate taking pictures of myself. Why are they always so very awkward?!

 This will be my usual, I am sure... bobby pinned. This will be great for work, for I can't put it in a pony tail. The back is about 1" long. Ha. How great is that?!


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