Wednesday, July 27, 2011

camping idaho.

We just got back from an amazing camping trip in idaho. We figured it was about time to see the sawtooths....and they were incredible. We stayed two near Stanley, Idaho and another night near Hailey/ Sun Valley Idaho. And yes, this time I did bring my DSLR camera :) It was well worth it.

The water was miraculously green and clear. I could have sworn we were in the tropics. Well, ok the water was a little cold for the equator.

This is how Colby reacts to seeing a river... notice how matt's river-savvy dogs are very nonchalant about the whole deal. Oh Colby.

Our first night we stayed on a creek that drained from the Pettit Lake... it was super warm water...maybe even 60 degrees?! We were at the distant base of the sawtooths, so we decided to throw our chairs in the middle of the creek, soak our feet, and have ourselves some nice wine in the creek.

**side note**
Did you know you can buy a good plastic-bladder-full of wine, I believe they call it boxed wine?! It was awesome for camping and throwing it in the cooler. It even tasted good! We bought Big House White. Yum. I would highly recommend it.

Emma was the first to jump out of the truck and straight into the river. She knew exactly what to do, no messing around.

Our camp spot...on the second night.

Dear old chewy gazing out into the wilderness, at what....we will never know.


  1. Oh Idaho... Thanks for the wonderful views Lindsey!

  2. How about some colorado views?! Hows that going? Did you get the job? I am going over to your blog now to see any updates. And thanks for the call!!


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