Saturday, July 23, 2011

happy spots...

[my favorite view in our house]

I just found a fun and wave. I don't know much about the blog yet...but it's cute, vintage cute. Well this weekend she had a photo challenge to capture the spots in your home that just make you happy. I love it. And its funny, sometimes I do just love certain aspects of our home, but I had no idea how to bundle up these photos to enjoy... so here are my happy spots...

 [wood handle on our very loved wood burning stove]

 [jars ready to be vases, and a rock that somehow made it inside]

 [clean, beautiful dishes]

 [a cute match holder, that we don't fill]

[the old window in our bathroom, that looks out onto our back patio with welcoming adirondacks]

[the inspiration- cork board in my office...haphazardly placed splashes of color]

Go on over to smile and wave and join in!!

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