Sunday, July 3, 2011

our trip to colorado...

We went to colorado...and we had a wonderful time. It was full of seeing lots of family, friends (consisting of a brand new little family of three and an almost newly wed couple), and colorful colorado.

The land was vast, beautiful, and pure. It was great to just get away. The family reunion is called "Land." How great it was to be a part of this family tradition.

Some kiddos and big not-so-kid-kiddos whizzing by.

 "Golf: It's not about perfect swings and impeccable fairways, it's about being outdoors with friends talking and laughing, it's about walking with the sun above you and the land beneath your feet, it's about feeling the wind on your face and the sun on your cheek, it's about having fun and here at land it's about failing repeatedly and not caring. Welcome to Land!!"

There were new sports to me... golf... archery... and even though I had wished I was pregnant, I did still look pregnant, thanks to my billowing every photo that day.

And here is the sweet little family of three... with a brand new babe, Townes. Matt held a babe for the very first time. It was incredible to see him learning how to be a dad, from one of his best friends. It was awesome to see our first set of friends being parents. They were so great, so natural, so confident... it was beautiful.

...wait...someone had a baby?!

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