Tuesday, July 19, 2011

wedding project done!

Yep, I just now finished a wedding DIY project of mine... only a year and a half late. But it's sooo cute. And it would have really been adorable at the wedding, somewhere. Oh well. Now it's in my office! Little string o' poms! Wouldn't they be cute over a crib?!

The funny thing is I cut out all of the circles in fleece and amy butler fabric at the airport on my bachelorette weekend, assembled them on the 2 hour plane ride. And all I had to do was just string them up. Back then, it seemed like too much work to complete it. Ha. Well I suppose that was an overwhelming time of way too many DIY projects, and no one even knew it was missing except for me.Now it makes me happy just looking at in my office above my etsy-workshop-space.

 ...oh july 2011... how time does fly...

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  1. Very cute!...and they would look adorable above a crib. : )


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