Friday, July 15, 2011

introducing my little etsy shop...

After lots of thinking and planning and more planning and lots of anticipation...I have opened up my own little etsy shop! I am super excited to have finally opened it up, what will happen to it however- I do not know. now I introduce to you my etsy shop: homegrown spud...

It's a tiny shop for little baby adorables with other odds & ends. I like to make things...just little crafty things... so having this creative endeavor has been a blast so far. I have loved coming up with designs and having them come to life in my very own office. And now, putting them out there for the world to see (well that's a touch lofty...maybe just a handful of people to see)'s a bit nerve wracking. The shop is slowly evolving and expanding, but it's an adventure!!

Most of these items are gifts that I have made for my friends and family that I thought others might enjoy also. I had started looking for onesies to give as gifts for pregnant friends/coworkers and I couldn't really find anything simple, organic, and natural in the stores. So I drew up some sketches of some sprouts (potentially one of my favorite little kid-esq words)...and there my ideas kept on going. I just needed to experiment sewing them onto onesies, seeing how I do love sewing. I found gerber organic onesies and they were soo soft and lush they were perfect. After lots of prototypes, I came up with my designs. I bought the fun camera to take nice photos and voila! An etsy shop was born, my very own etsy shop.

[the organic yellow rosebud onesie with matching clips]
So, take a look around...if you have any feedback I would love to hear it! I promise not to cry. I am totally honored to have all of your support here on this blog, and I am thrilled to now share this etsy world with you too...


  1. I LOVE it!!! Such adorable designs!! I wish you oooooodles of luck!!

  2. As soon as I am settled, I will be making a purchase.

    So so cute.

  3. Great job, Lindsey! So freakin adorable! You think one would fit me? ...or my dog? I don't have any readily available "spuds". I also have to send you a link to this card company I love. You would like them too. So proud of you:)


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