Sunday, July 10, 2011

So a little update... cycle 4 is now over for me. I am not pregnant... and I would be onto cycle #5, but quite frankly I have decided that I don't really want to "try" getting pregnant anymore. Part of me feels like I am giving up, while the the other part feels like I am gaining back my sanity. No more temperature charting or ovulation strips or counting days. It's emotionally exhausting. I know letting this go will also be difficult for me (can we say...control issues?! ha.). But I realized that even if we don't get pregnant within a year- then we technically have "fertility" issues, and I really don't want to go down that road yet. I am still in school, so is I really don't think we can claim to have issues until we are both out of school, with comfortable incomes. Those stressors are huge in our life right now, and may be playing a bigger role than I had hoped. I will be focusing on opening up my etsy shop, enjoying summer, and then putting all of my efforts into finishing up my last year of nursing school and ultimately passing the NCLEX to become an RN. How sweet is that?! I can't wait. We are both healthy, happy, and young (is 27 still young?! I think so)... so we will enjoy that right now...for I feel soo incredibly lucky to be able to have all that. And to celebrate our summer matt and i went out to sushi last night, complete with kirin and sapporo. It was delicious.Thanks mom and dad- for our anniversary gift for a night out! It was utterly decadent!


  1. You've got to do what you feel is best for you (and Matt). Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful things to look forward to. Just out of curiosity...what are selling on etsy?

  2. Sounds like an amazing dinner that you two enjoyed!
    p.s.You are young! I am 28 and I am still young in my opinion! Do what is right for you and Matt and everything will work out the way it is meant to :)I am still sending a hug your way though!

  3. ohh i can totally understand how you are feeling... Pat and I are on our way to start "trying..." I actually took my last pill ever after 10 years on our wedding day- which felt pretty great! I started taking out some books from the library to learn about my body- to really understand the process of ovulation and what not- I am a learner! I also read a lot about temperatures and tracking mucus... and a lot of overwhelming things. I am a perfectionist and could easily let myself get dragged into "doing it right" but know that I would end up having a lot of hard feelings if it didn't happen right away- i feel like i educated myself just enough- and i am going to give it all up to mother nature now. Although I am glad that you posted all that you have about you and Matt's journey ( I have learned a ton!) I am also glad that you are choosing to throw it all out the window and have fun! and you are young, I am nearly 29!!!

    and what are you selling on ETSY??? I dream of starting a shop really soon...

  4. Ohh...girls. You made my day. Thank you for all of your sweet comments! I really appreciate it!!

    Good timing to ask about etsy...I just posted my first item for sale! Kind of nerve-wracking, but I am soo thrilled that I am finally doing it after planning for it for so long. So now I will see if it's a success or not...but I am so proud of myself for following through with it.

    you can see my shop- homegrown spud- at:

    Just keep on checking for more posted items... and I will be writing a blog post on it shortly... its mainly little onesies, hair clips, and cute little notes for now.

    Emily- you know, I think you're doing it right. I have this feeling that we might have gotton pregnant that first month getting off pills- but instead we waited. Something about being "regular" for 10 years, then trying. Instead of letting my body slip back into irregularity. Does that make sense?! Anyways, I have lots of good thoughts going your way...

  5. I love how you are so positive and, for me, it's so infectious! I have really enjoyed following your journey, so far!


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