Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm normal.

So a little update on the last post... I am now on cycle #4! This means I am normal. 31 days for cycle awesome is that?! A reduction in stress levels...maybe acupuncture....or perhaps getting off birth control pills, my body is just now back to normalcy...or maybe because my thyroid mass has miraculously disappeared. Oh yeah... I had a thyroid enlargement and growth for the past year. It mysteriously showed up about April 2010... I had it cancer. Just unexplained and heinous. It looked like there was a golf ball in my throat...but not nice and was lopsided. I had it re-biopsied about April this year just to check on the cancer status...still negative. Which was great. I thought it could have an effect on getting pregnant, hypothyroid and hyperthyroid are both conditions that are bad for trying to conceive. But my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormones) and T3/T4 levels were normal. But maybe they were fluctuating?! Throwing off my cycles?! Maybe. But the mass disappeared in May...and now I have a normal cycle...and my temperature plummeted this morning, like it should. Awesome.

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