Friday, June 17, 2011

the quilt.

...our wedding napkins...

I love amy butler fabric....especially the turquoise and green prints she has. It was actually the whole inspiration for our wedding. I had chosen about 10 different amy butler fabrics I liked then made coordinating but different fabric napkins for our wedding, also amy butler fabric on our wedding invitations (seen here & here). I loved this fabric. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it afterwards...but my mother in law promptly snatched it all up after the wedding and told me that she was going to sew us a quilt...a double wedding ring pattern quilt. Seriously?! (This is the same mother in law who sewed my wedding dress). So that was a year ago (obviously) and she has been sending us little teaser photos of the quilt in-progress this whole year. It took her 8 months of solid quilting, but this anniversary matt's parents happened to be driving through Idaho and stopped in to give us this wonderful quilt for our anniversary present. It is a queen sized quilt with two matching shams. The back fabric is by far my favorite amy butler print that she ordered a bunch of. And what I didn't know is some of my wedding dress fabric- the swiss dot- she incorporated it into the shams. I love it. We love it. But I am too scared to put it on our bed. Our dogs- especially Colby the yellow lab- occasionally jump into our bed to sleep with us. We know we need to put an end to this- but they are so snugly when they are tired in our bed. Anyways...we will be loving this quilt as our bed quilt for many years to come. Its the most ideal quilt for me...not to mention how many wedding memories are incorporated in it. I asked my mother in law if she was done making quilts for us...that even when we have little babes that we already got our one huge quilt. She said no... she will of course make babe quilts, and there may even be one in the making already. Yay!

 ...see the swiss dot fabric?!...

... the shams... favorite fabric for the backing...

Right now the quilt is our guest bedroom (futon)/entertainment room/matt's office where the dogs are not allowed. 

...matt's dreamcatcher that I don't care for, but it gets a home in his office to make him happy... is matt's office area... is our little entertainment stand...with our archaic TV that does not have television but rather for netflix dvds...made out of the shelves that were once in my classroom built by my dad and I when I was a teacher...


  1. Oh I love it! I just love quilts with stories behind them! Have you thought about putting a hanging pocket on it and putting it on a wall? I don't know if you remember that quilt that is in the pictures from my shower but it was made by my Mom and I just couldn't put it on a bed for fear of it getting ruined. I love walking into the dining room and seeing it every morning :)

  2. Wow, she did a great job! What an awesome piece to have.

  3. beautiful! She is very talented!

  4. @shana- ooo hanging pocket. I'm not sure what that is, but I'm going to check out your blog to find out. Yeah, I think you were talking about snuggling under your favorite quilt... its the best.

    @browie&annon- thanks! Yes, very talented indeed! We are super lucky to have such a wonderful family heirloom now.

  5. Oh my gosh, that's beautiful! Makes me wish I'd saved our napkins (and uh, learned to quilt ;)).

  6. how did I miss the QUILT post!?? that's one of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen!! such a treasure!!! (love that some of your dress fabric is in there as well - just to die for!)


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