Wednesday, June 15, 2011

our camping anniversary

 [ at our wedding location...where our families stayed ]
[ at our wedding...tent city ]

So a year ago...for our wedding week matt and I chose to camp in our tent. Some of our friends also chose to camp...see the tent city picture above. Our families and bridal party were all able to sleep in cabins and the lodge...and we could have too. But we love camping. Plus why wouldn't we want a little space of our own in the woods for our wedding?! So for our anniversary when trying to plan for what to do to celebrate we wanted to go camping. And we did. And it was glorious.

[ the north fork of the river on the drive in ]

We went up the north fork of the boise river exploring new territory for us, with our 3 goonies (dogs) and chose a nice quaint spot along the river. We played disc golf, had a sweet little bluff to have our wine overlooking the river, and even a perfect campfire. We woke up to rain....which was super relaxing. And thank goodness for our stint living in portland...we know all about camping in LOTS of rain. We reminisced about our wedding last year, what we plan to accomplish in year two of being married, and just how good life really is. It was a perfect anniversary.

[our camping spot, not too shabby right?!]

[the three goonies]

 [matt setting up the disc golf basket]
 [matt's throw]
[ my might be able to see the little basket off in the distance. For the "course" matt set up, this was our "tee box".]
[matt and the goonies looking for his disc that he threw (lost) in the woods. If you want to know...mine was rather close to the basket, which was pure luck.]

[ two sweet dogs, sharing some warmth while I was enjoying some wine and the boise weekly]

[one year!! our little family]
On a side note...for all of these pictures of our recent camping trip I chose to take my little cannon digital camera. I was scared to take my DSLR camera. But gosh, I can really tell the picture quality difference and I wish these memories were captured with my DSLR. Do you all take your DSLR everywhere you go?! even dirty/wet camping?! Quite a dilemma.


  1. Aww...looks like a fun time! Your doggies are so cute. : ) Happy One Year!

  2. so beautiful! congrats on a year! we are headed to Idaho this fall-Pat's company gave him a week at their house. Not sure where it is though... and Pat is bringing his basket to our wedding so they can play disc at the farm!

  3. thanks jennifer and emily!! Ooo..emily...find out where its at in Idaho, maybe we could bring our basket out and set up a 2-hole course :)

  4. Ummm, I take that sucker everywhere! Backpacking, camping, pangas in fiji...they are durable...I have shamefully left mine out overnight on picnic tables in the middle of winter (drunk you ask...yes!)...I figure it is worth it to be able to capture moments...

    I would recommend investing in a dry-bag for trips...then if your pack gets wet the camera is safe!

  5. lindsey [homegrownspud]June 20, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    Hey Jes! trip I am taking it. And in August (after I save up) I will be getting a new lens, which I am stoked to use outdoors. Maybe I will even take it out to california this fall when I come out to see you guys, or is that too gutsy?! ...miss you.

  6. Hey, just wondering what you guys do with your dogs at night. I've been thinking of taking my dog camping but don't where to put the pooch at night.

    Also, wow, great camping spot. I love the beautiful US forests n rivers. In New South Wales, Australia we just have gum trees n sandy little creeks everywhere- nothing as majestic.

  7. Soph- Australia isn't majestic?! Well its nice to know we hold a candle to Australia is one regard. We have a 5 person tent...we use our queen size air mattress for us, then we have the dogs sleep on their dog beds inside the tent. They would rather sleep on our bed, but next to it is a close second. We have our old ratty dog beds to take camping that way they have something to lay on. Before they were old dogs, they just slept on blankets. And in the winter- snow camping, we do the same type of camping. They sleep through the night- then we let them out to do their business in the morning when we wake up. They love it. They sleep hard.


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