Sunday, June 5, 2011

cake balls.

... new age wine with fresh lime and ice... oh my gosh its good...

We threw a going away party at our house for a friend of ours...Amber...who happens to be moving to Colorado. Thankfully it's one of our favorite cities- Fort Collins, but still sad none the less. This party gave me a perfect excuse to make cake balls! And they were fantastic. Have you heard of these sweet little balls of goodness?! Probably. I think I was the last to hear about them.

-1 box cake mix
-1/2 container cake frosting
-almond bark (you can use any chocolate, I don't have a microwave, so this melts easiest in the oven)
-that's it!!

Make cake, according to box. We chose the rainbow mix and frosting, and white almond bark- matt's choice. But you can do about a million different varieties.

Cut into squares...some people cut off the crispy edges. This sounded like incredibly too much work for me, so I didn't. Cool cake. Mix into a crumbly mixture. Add in 1/2 container frosting. Mix. And I chose to refrigerate for about 3 hours. This helps you to make formed little 1" balls.

Then using a small cookie scooper/melon baller make a ton of balls... maybe around 30?! Then freeze them overnight (perhaps you only need a few hours...but this timing worked well for me) so that the frozen balls keep their shape when dipped in melted chocolate.

Next day I melted the almond bark in the oven. Then dip balls in almond bark one at a time. I used a fork ball on fork and pour almond bark over it, then transfer ball to parchment paper. Let cool- it hardens. I put a little white sugar sprinkles on the top before it cooled for a subtle (probably useless and indiscernible) extra step, but it made me happy.

Ta-da!! Cake balls!!

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