Monday, June 6, 2011

"presumptive" signs of pregnancy...

So a few weeks ago... I mentioned that I've been taking my temperature and doing the ovulation strips. And it was actually pretty exciting. The strips said I ovulated...and my temperature spiked and is currently high!Regardless of my night shifts I have found that if I take my temp after I sleep during the day...its pretty consistent.

Here's the scoop with BBT (basal body temps) to my best understanding:

Now... the idea is that my temp should be and was a little low (like 97.0 to be exact) in my follicular phase- the phase after you have your period to when you ovulate. This is normally 2 weeks. Then ovulation occurs and your temperature due to a progesterone increase leads to a rise in temperature- called the luteal phase. Mine jumped to 98.0 ish...give or take .2 degrees. This should stay high until the next period, when it drops OR it stays high for over 14 days...and you could potentially be pregnant. Well folks, I am on day 12 of that 14. So I'm getting close to when I see a plummeting temperature and a period just like any of my other cycles OR I get to take a pregnancy test! Well, I guess there is one other "or" in there, I could have a luteal defect and just have a jacked cycle, in which I didn't ovulate, nor have an appropriately timed luteal phase for implantation. I don't really like this last "or" so we will just pretend that one doesn't exist for now.

So of course, needless to say I am hyper sensitive to any symptoms that could give me an early little- hey guess what're pregnant. That'd be fun right?! In nursing school we call those "presumptive signs of pregnancy." For your information...presumptive signs= absence of a period, nausea, or vomiting,  probable signs= positive pregnancy test or enlarged abdomen, positive signs= doppler heart rate or ultrasound. I don't know about you, but personally I think if I puke for no apparent reason that's a pretty positive sign I'm pregnant. But what the hey, we'll just presume at this point. What are the signs should I look out for early pregnancy detection?

  • Missed period is the first sure sign of pregnancy: in a few days I could.
  • Frequent urination: yes, but I drink lots of water.
  • Morning sickness or nausea: Not really, just a dull unease in the back of my throat, radiating to my stomach...Matt thinks it's all in my head. I don't disagree one bit.
  • High basal body temperature: Check! 
  • Fatigue and a dull feeling: Yes, I get this three nights a week...coincidentally all at work. Weird right?!
  • Food cravings and binges: always.
  • Food aversions: not really.
  • Headaches/ backaches: no.
  • Constipation: nope, seriously?! This is a symptom of preggers?!
However I do have...
  • Eye twitching. What the heck?! Super annoying. Extremely unrelated I'm sure.
  • Clumsiness. I am super clumsy recently. I drop things like crazy, trip on shoes... I think I need to be more mindful perhaps.
So all in all...I feel like normal lindsey. So I think I will get my favorite dawson's white mocha this morning...cycle #4 I think you're due soon.

And side adorable healthy little baby was born the other day to Matt's friends- Dylan and Katie. I saw a sweet little face on his phone, and an absolutely adorable name to boot. Congrats!!... Oh his name is Townes. Cute or what?! We get to hopefully see them in Colorado in a few weeks.

**What were the signs you had before you found out you were pregnant...if any?!**


  1. Hopefully I will be able to answer that question in a few months ;)


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