Saturday, June 25, 2011

gender reveal parties...

Perhaps you all have heard of this, but I just stumbled upon this fantastic idea on some blogs. A gener reveal party...for when you find out the sex of your babe around 20 weeks...your friends guess the sex of the babe, come to the party then they find out in a super fun way, and celebrate.

 Like these folks on Jack and Izzy blog...just utterly adorable.

...all of the decorations were gender neutral, and each one of their guests dressed in the color of their guess- blue or pink, then they bit into one of these cupcakes to find a blue colored gumball for the boy they were expecting. Go check it out... fun or what?!

[or this party]

[or this tasty idea, to put my beloved cake balls, colored in the inside of a cookie]

I know I will want to know the sex of our some-day-babe, so this party would be perfect. Did you all do something like this?! How did you tell your family/friends if you were expecting a boy/girl?! Perhaps, I just like the idea of planning parties.


  1. I have read about these and I love the idea too! p.s. I sometimes wonder if I just love to plan a party too and will find every possible excuse to throw one.

  2. While I think the photos are great! And I love anything yellow- I want the gender to be a surprise! Even when it's not my baby! It feels like most people around me find out these days- I don't like surprises... At all... But for some reason baby surprises are different! But- maybe I could throw a party some day with all that cute stuff anyways!!

  3. shana... I agree with you 100%. I love throwing parties. So perhaps that's why I am drawn to this idea :)

    emily... you bring up a good point, and a couple friend of ours just had their first baby as a surprise-gender. They said it was amazing. They highly recommended it, that you don't get many true surprises in life. They also had the dad -dylan- be the one to announce the sex at the c-section. So his wife heard his voice say...we have a boy!! Sounded great. They also just decorated the babe's room colorfully gender neutral. I am a fan of the neutrals too.

  4. Can we still host a "you won't know until the birth" party (if you decided to go that way)?! Those decorations are adorable.


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