Monday, May 30, 2011

crafts galore.

Well folks... I have to say I LOVE having a normal life. Just working full time is the most incredible thing ever. I guess I had forgotten how good life can be, so much quality time. With working three nights in a row that leaves me 4 days of freedom. Pure bliss. I have been busy though....with creative endeavors. I will be posting about that later. But I thought I would give you a little sneak peak...

 lots of this adorable fabric

 making lots of strips

 learning how to use one of these fun gadgets (bias tape maker)

...and of course, enlisting matt to help...

I also realized, that while we are still trying to get pregnant....I understand now why people wait to have children after they are done with college. Matt and I were actually stressed out these past years. I hadn't even noticed it. We were used to just having zero free time, so why not throw a kid in the mix?! We are still happy people being soo we could love a child and be utterly happy being busy parents. Well, now I can't wait to have a normal nursing job- a good income, and have time to really enjoy having a child without the stress of school too. It doesn't change "the plan", its just an observation I made on week 2 of loving summer break. So we will love it if we do get pregnant now...or if it doesn't happen until later.

Back to these creative endeavors... I really miss planning our wedding, having the wedding week...the whole thing. There was something so incredible to be creative, to prioritize spending endless hours collaborating together...just Matt and I, about our future. I think this will be how buying our own home will be- the two of us (or three maybe?!) planning our dream home to live in forever. But right now in the meantime, I am working on something fun, something creative, something adorable, and something utterly exciting. And it involves one of my favorite sites, etsy.

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  1. I remember what it was like to finally have some normal time! I try to remind myself of this when things seem like they are getting too hectic! I can't wait to see all you creations :)

    p.s. Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. It is nice to know that the heart that teachers put into their jobs is appreciated (and please know that I appreciate everyday you care for people as a nurse. You guys do amazing work!) I do sometimes wonder how I get things done. I have been burning dinner alot lately trying to multitask!


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