Monday, November 8, 2010

timing of the spud...

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Well, we told both of our sets of parents about our "plan." We were both a little nervous, sure both sets of parents are incredibly supportive and absolutely wonderful... but we might be rushing things by planning for a baby now, in their minds. Yes, we do have a few things working against us...Matt and I are both in school full time, recently married, we don't have careers/nice salaries, we are working full time, and we have three huge dogs. But we have a plan!!

the "plan"
(this is assuming ideal situations occur, which we are fully aware is difficult, and somewhat out of our control, but we are positive thinkers...)

-try to get pregnant in February/March 2011 (ahh thats soon! 3 months away)

-spud to arrive during christmas break...Dec 2011/Jan 2012, where we have five weeks off from school for delivery.

-deliver in the hospital I work at... nice, reasonable insurance coverage, with my birthing plan in full effect, to be discussed later.

-take 3 months of maternity leave during most of my last semester of nursing school, so that I only have school, not work...more to come later on how I plan to get paid maternity leave.

-utilize wonderful, affordable childcare at my hospital available 7 days a week, from week 1 on... when matt and I both have school at the same time this will be greatly needed, especially without either of our families living in Idaho... so this will probably around 10 hrs/wk.

-be able to be hired in May 2012 when I graduate nursing school, as a nurse...who is a mom. Why do we want a kid before I graduate, why rush it?! Well, I am a little nervous that being pregnant during my preceptorship in my last semester or applying for a real nursing job upon graduation pregnant (that even though its illegal) they will discriminate and not hire me with fear that I would be taking maternity leave shortly after being hired. With soo many nursing grads being cranked out of programs every semester, I want to be able to take the job of my dreams and fully orient to be a real nurse. So with this timeline Matt and I will still be able to have little spuds on our time schedule... sooner than later. Matt will have just a year and half more of school to graduate, when we will be wanting our second child...and have two incomes to support our family.

Awesome. Winter spud.

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  1. Love that you have a plan in place BEFORE baby comes along. I'm right there with you. I've stopped taking bc to let my body regulate, and I started taking folic acid about a month ago. I will be watching your baby journey. Good luck!


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