Monday, November 1, 2010

what to expect before you expect you're expecting... giving a toast at my best friends wedding, I can say goodbye to wine...

Time to evaluate what is going on in my own body and what I need to modify before I get pregnant. First topic..prenatal vitamins! I started taking these early because I felt exhausted all the time...granted my schedule is crazy, but seriously?! I'm 27. I should be able to hack a busy life. So, as a good nursing student, I self-diagnosed myself with anemia. I though it would be wise to do a trial of prenatal vitamins from Costco and see if I felt any better.... well...I do! I feel like I am able to stay on top of my daily goals. So I will keep taking these, fantastic.

to do:
- dental exam.
- pre-conception OB appointment, I am waiting for the new calendar year for insurance.
- find time for exercise, I love the idea of an hour long walk a day from sara over on feed the soil, especially with this romantic fall weather and soon to be peaceful snowy winter.
- stop taking birth control pills to allow myself to ovulate regularly
- I've had 3 melanomas removed this year, so that's a never-ending check up with the dermatologist to stay on top of being cancer-free.

what I do that's potentially unsafe...
-paint my nails
-drink 1-2 cups of coffee daily
-drink a glass of wine about 2 times a month
-sushi.... I love sushi, so california rolls here I come
-don't eat a great amount of veggies and fruit like I should
- I am exposed to xrays and CT scans at work in the ED... I always wear lead, but unless the pt is actively tanking...I think I need to step 6 ft away, and wear a full lead ensemble.
- not to mention blood, needles, fluids, HIV, TB, Hep C... and the list goes on. wash my hands! be safe and smart!...ok.
- doing CPR?! debatable... can I do this pregnant?! If I am the only one around, sure I wouldn't give it a second thought, but should I let another take over the compressions for me?! Probably.

Those are the big ones....anything I am overlooking?!

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