Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last year on this weekend I had the most fantastic bachelorette weekend in coastal california- shell beach to be exact with my girlfriends. It was a perfect weekend full of wine, great food, laughing, girl talk, some happy tears, sweet gifts, wine tasting with a picnic, pina coladas on the beach, and best of all being with my girlfriends from college-sister included. We are all craving another girls weekend, so this fall we will be doing a shell beach trip again...I can't wait. It's very much needed.

[beer, guac, humus, bread... who could ask for more?! all of us stayed at jamie's house the long weekend]

 [all of my super creative girlfriends wrote a haiku in which I had to guess who wrote it, then I would get a gift from them...we did one gift at each vineyard we went to...yes of course I cried reading their sweet words]

[of course each gift was was lingerie or something just as seductive... so I subjected all of the other wine connoisseurs to the little lacy numbers...and my tears of  utter embarrassment] 

[this beautiful wine country is where we all met and went to college together, these wine tasting trips would be just a normal weekend for us back in the day]

 [my sister made me this adorable flowerchild-esq veil for my head, it was actually just my style, I loved wearing it. I felt so special and loved this weekend]

 [jamie with a wino-dog, who happend to be the cutest thing ever]

[tracy who is currently in new zealand living the life!]

[sara and my little sister, kelsey...both who live in boston working on becoming nurse practitioners]

[all of us at the honeymoon cafe in pismo beach...just adorable coffee shop]

 [andrea-a great friend that I met from semester at sea who lives in San Fran]

[ jessica (of barefoot designs) who took all of these lovely pictures (minus this one of course)]

[the amazing spread of trader joes goodness]

[ a short walk (like 4 house widths) from jamie's house to the beach]

[the beach next to jamie's house where we enjoyed wine and incredible conversation]

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