Friday, May 20, 2011

tiny needles...part II

Well, I guess I need to tell you about my thoughts on my acupuncture appointment.... it was ok. I have to admit, it was not as life altering as it was about 5 years ago. I think I would benefit more from deep tissue massage mixed in there. I need relaxation day to day, to incorporate it into my lifestyle. The truth is I am healthy...young... and need a less busy lifestyle- which is not going to happen. Like Sara over on feed the soil says- you can control the inputs, not the outputs. I can't control how busy my life is with my obligations but I can control how I respond to them. I did feel really relaxed from my appointment, it was great to be able to talk to someone about my thoughts, whats really going on with my body, and to be more mindful of all of the changes going on in my life...and how they effect me. So after my 2 hour appointment I decided a few things, a few things really resonated with me, and a few things I will just let go of.

What I can do:
  • She thought that I had some liver imbalance issues...liver and spleen qi stagnation. And I agree with her. I know... I've gone off the deep end. But, I really do buy into this stuff. I think a good mix of eastern and western medicine is awesome. According to my symptoms...premenstrual and otherwise, i agree with those organs being the affected, and somewhat malfunctioning ones. So she gave me an herbal supplement- Xiao Yao San. This should also help increase my energy level, help regulate my menstrual cycle, keep blood flow moving, and relieve menstrual pain.
  • Green-spirulina, wheat grassy and chlorophyll drink was recommended for detoxifying my liver. I will be buying this at the co-op and drinking it daily. There are about 500 to choose from, so I need a little more guidance from her on which would be best.
  • I will continue to take these prenatal vitamins...that I get at Costco.
  • Deep breathe. She said that each time you take a full deep breath you massage your liver... how sweet is that?! Or... gross. Either way, I feel so amazing each time I take a full deep breath that I need to do this more often. And more work.
  • Incorporate exercise into my week. When she asked me what I do for exercise...I tried to think about when do I actually have free time to exercise?! Well I didn't...and I don't prioritize it either. I told her that I am practically running 12 hours a day, hard at work. She didn't think this was so hot. She wants me to do something that I love, that gets me moving, my whole body energy flowing...not just burning calories like I do at work. So, with the help of these new cruisers...I will be biking, frisbee-throwing, and enjoying the outdoors. And I am thinking of taking a zumba or yoga class this be determined.
  • Eat healthfully... which for me primarily means...reduce sugar (I think I'm a sugar addict). I love baked goods, I don't really eat candy bars, but I love cookies, muffins, hot get the point. I need to cut back. Its just as bad for my liver and pancreas to keep regulating my body with so much sugar roaming around in there.
What I can't do:
  • She wanted to me to ideally not have sex for 3 months!! WHAT?! I laughed when she said this...I don't think she appreciated it. She would like for the weekly acupuncture appointments to take affect for 3 months, then have a perfectly calm, healthy, and ready body for pregnancy. I understand this however- pushing aside my instant thoughts of her not only making a ton of money off of me in 3 long months- but that these 3 months of summer break are going to be the least stressed out, healthiest my body will be. Once August comes I am thrown back into school and hectic schedule- so no... I will not be waiting 3 months.
  • After this, she said well...ok... I won't be as rigid with you, you aren't having true infertility problems, so just let me know if you will be having sex. HA. Again. No thanks. I am all for being open...but seriously?! I am TRYING to have a baby. That requires sex, according to my research.
  • Mucus checks and basal body temperatures... yep. She wants me to track those. And I just don't want to nor do I think my night shifts accommodate for consistent results. And I am sure that my adrenalin surges in true trauma situations at work don't work well with body regularity. Just a hunch.
  • Weekly appointments... I don't really feel a huge connection with her to want to spend my hard earned money to go every week... the idea of dishing out that much money is stressful in itself. I think twice a month could be ideal.


  1. You may not want to hear this, but I think the basal body temping could be beneficial to you. If for no other reason than to track your cycles and know that you are ovulating. That could offer a peace of mind. Either way, good luck with your de-stressing!

  2. oh my! I was just commenting to Dave last night that I felt like I was putting too much thought and planning into the wedding and not enough into getting myself ready to carry a baby ( we are hoping to start trying pretty much right after the wedding day, I am not sure if I told you that...tmi?)and now I am sure I am not putting enough energy into getting myself ready. Time to start reading the books! I love these posts by the way, I learn so much from you!

  3. I found your wedding blog about a year ago ( and LOVE IT- you have been the inspiration for our July 3rd Portland wedding). Anyways... I really love this blog too- your honesty and character is refreshing- I feel like we could be friends! Well my whole point is can you find an acupuncturist that you do strongly connect with? No sex for three months is so extreme and a personal issue! I think that connection and good fit is the first and most important step in a dr./ patient relationship. We all deserve it!! Good luck and keep blogging!

  4. eepelletier- Your comments are so sweet…so thank you! I was just thinking I didn’t have much to offer the blog world, when I look at all these fantastic blogs… So thanks. It’s funny how I think I would have a ton more close girlfriends if blog people existed in real life, Boise locale preferably for me. I went to your blog to see wedding plans…but I didn’t find any. Portland…aww we miss many parts of portlandia. I bet your wedding will be beautiful. Its soo lush there, how fun. I hope you’re having fun planning in these last few months. Gosh that was a blast. I agree with you…I need to just go to another acupuncturist. The thing is I live in little-o-boise…so we have 2 women’s health-ish acupuncturists. Others may work too…but I think I need to look around. Enjoy Trader Joes for us… and Willamette Valley wine tasting….and yuki’s sushi… and the coast… and stumptown coffee…and Mc Menamin’s …and… the list goes on. Have fun!! And thanks for stopping by!!

    shana-ooo I can’t wait to see your beautiful wedding, then all of our posts take a turn for baby world. If you’re getting yourself ready for the wedding, I bet it’s about the same for getting pregnant. I ate more healthfully getting ready to look good for my wedding day than I do now. Something about having the most photographed day of your life I think. Plus you and Dave sound like a strong, loving couple…that’s all a baby needs right?!

    girl of the grove-yes…I know. I should be doing basal body temps…so thank you for the encouragement. I am taking that leap. Maybe that means I am getting serious, being proactive… or maybe its summer time and I have more free time. Thanks!! It worked for you…and soon I hope to pregnant too! And I can’t wait to see bump pictures and how your baby-life-altering-plans are coming along!

  5. We LOVE portland... can't imagine ever leaving. and I love Yuki's! I haven't blogged about our wedding because the venue we are having it at got their wedding permit pulled. They are allowing us to have it but asked that we don't "put it out there in cyber space." In lieu of jinxing, I just haven't talked about it at all on my blog! It is hard not to- but it is so worth it! We are doing the hay bale thing, lots of mason jars with local beer, cloth napkins from some of my favorite fabrics, mismatched vintage plates from goodwills, i also totally used your invite idea! loved the mixed paper/fabric! my fiancee insists that every time i get a compliment on our invites i give "that blog you read" the credit... I have shared your blog with many! oh typing all this makes me want to blog about it just so I can have it to remember- it has been an awesome process.... maybeeee I will!

  6. Have sex... Have lots of sex... and Have fun having sex! :) Thats the best advice I got when my husband and I first started trying! The more you think about it and make a job... The harder it is going to be for you to be pregnant... Once I chilled out and quit stressing bout what I had no control over... Wha La I got Pregnant!! And... With TWINS!!!! :)


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