Monday, May 2, 2011

another prego movie...

We are constantly looking for good movies to watch, and we are constantly being let down. So these days we turn to netflix's documentaries, the watch instantly variety. Last night we watched Pregnant in America. I loved the Business of Being Born, so I thought this one would fall short....but it didn't! It showed the downsides of having a baby in the hospital and at home, the always better national healthcare system in other smarter countries, our alarming c-section and epidural rates, the benefits to nurse midwives, but what I loved to see most of all is that the women were supported to have natural childbirth, free from drugs, free from fear, and empowered. I will not know how I handle birthing a child.... but what I want most is Matt to support me in my choices. To understand why I want to do it myself, without medications. The movie also showed the risks to mother and babe of epidurals and c-sections, which I appreciated because I couldn't remember from my classes what specifically they were.

I know that the movie was biased and the main guy was a little bit of a tool but we liked it. It spurred some great conversation afterwards also. After each one of the prego-movies we watch Matt says... Ok... lets have a baby at home! We can do it!! No!! I really and truly don't want to ( read about stories like John and Sherry's over on Young House Love and couldn't be happier for hospitals...if you read it have some tissues on stand-by). So even though all of my ideals line up with home birth; I feel comfortable in the hospital setting, I want it, I need it for my sanity. I just need him to help re-enforce my choices. Like for suction, no forceps, no episiotomy...I'd rather rip that little ray of sunshine out myself thank you very much.

Also, something the movie brought up is how some women feel out of control with an epidural, and for the first time I realized I think I would actually and literally freak out with one. I hate feeling out of physical control of my body. If I couldn't feel my legs, I think I would not be a happy camper, I'd want a reversal agent STAT. Then there goes $2,000. Have you ever done that game as a kid...where one kid tells a story while you close your eyes...your legs are being held up high...then they lower your legs slowly and it feels like you're going below the ground. That your legs just aren't yours any longer?!Yeah. Not my favorite game.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I loved Business of Being Born so maybe I'll check out Pregnant in America. I think it's SO important (especially when delivering in a hospital) to pick a caregiver who truly meshes well with your vision of a birth, and also having good support from your partner and/or a doula. Those things were integral, in my opinion, to my feelings about my birth.

  2. I have never heard of this movie but will look into it because I am very curious now! I know, like yourself, that I want to be in a hospital when we do have a child because I really want all of the help there if needed for my future little one. The idea of not being in complete control...ummm...that conpletely frightens me and although the absense of pain would be bliss, I am not sure where I stand on the issue right now. Something to think about over the next little while.

    Thank you for sharing :)

    p.s. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog post. Yes the shower was at my house. It is still a bit more shabby then chic but we are working on it :)

  3. I loved The Business of Being Born. I'll have to check out this one, too. I love Netflix documentaries.

  4. I loved having my angel at the hospital. I had my baby at a Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma city and loved every minute of it. I agree totally about having support for our decisions. The spinal was scary at first (I had a c-section)but I soon forgot about the needle once that baby came. The baby makes all the bad things of pregnancy and birthing dissappear.

  5. Brownie-You know you bring up a good point that was in the movie- when the doctor is asking you about doing an intervention, they say "you wouldn't want to risk harming your child would you?!" And it's true. It sounds like you are pretty much okay with anything if it means a healthy baby in the end. Does it really matter if it was a home birth with candles or a hospital gourney in the operating room...nope. As long as your baby comes out okay, right?!

    Spirit & Seed- But it would be wonderful to have a healthcare provider- doctor or midwife who really listens to you, explains what is going on so that you feel like you have some control, afterall it is you who is giving birth.

    Shana- Don't you live in Canada?!::lucky:: I think it will be a blast to see your birth plans and story...and support from the healthcare system. I imagine it would be rather different.

    Girl of the Grove- Now that youre pregnant I am excited to see your birthing plans/choices!! This is all pretty real to you now!


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