Friday, April 29, 2011

what I'm dreaming of...

I have been trying to figure out ways to detoxify my soul, be stress-free, and relax. The hardest year of nursing school is *almost* under my belt. My clinicals will be over, my crazy weeks are coming to an end and we get to enjoy summertime. So all I want to do is really focus on how to just be. To relax. To enjoy this phase of life we are in. To enjoy my husband and dogs. To do fun crafts/sewing for me and my love of nesting. To soak up the sun. To enjoy not planning a wedding. To slow down. To breathe. 

I have heard of this destination on a few blogs and my favorite sunset magazine. Warm beaches sound beyond amazing.

Just practically in our backyard. How can we possibly try to be Idahoans if we have never even been to the Sawtooths?!

We are thinking of maybe a road trip to Seattle/ Bellingham/ San Juans in July. Do a little kayaking, see a good friend Tony, go camping, hotel-staying and all of this sans dogs. Crazy thoughts. 

Costa Rica
My wonderful lil sister will be here in a week. I am trying to not cry and tell mom that it isn't fair.

We will be here twice this summer for a family reunion and for a fantastic wedding of some lovely people- Will and Erica.

Coastal California
To soak up the sun with my girlfriends, whom I miss dearly, for the endless girl talk with ample bottles of wine and crashing waves in the background. (Remember this afternoon, ladies?!)

Here, Right now
With my incredible husband. Curled up, laughing for hours, talking about fun summer plans.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! What an amazing way to relax and rest. Wish I could be there. My husband has been to Coure D'Laine, Idaho, are you guys anywhere near there. I have seen some photos of there and it looks amazing. Also, Estes Park Colorado is one of my favorite places in the world!


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