Wednesday, April 20, 2011

mulch fest.

Well folks, this past weekend we did a little mulching of the yard. Can't say we've ever mulched before, but gosh we like how it turned out.

We threw in a few bushes along side of this rose bush that was already in the ground, removed the copper lattice work and it looks pretty refined! Mulch-eriffic!!

The unsightly white pot had to go, so we put the japanese maple in the ground, mulched around where the ground cover looked as though it was peering through and called it done.

...our back yard patio now with some big mulch-tastic planters. I had to say goodbye to my favorite turquoise table, it just looked a little too chaotic...

(with table,! or maybe just cute/eclectic?!)

goodbye for now table.

...matt bought this beautiful wisteria plant for me, and mulch-ified it...

...matt bought this red-barked tree for himself that way next winter we have a little splash of color in the yard. Then with a little mulch-love it was done.

**A sad update... this is what happened with my beloved wisteria. Note to self... don't plant until last frost is gone. Looks a little like that bag of spinach that we froze on accident in our super cold fridge**



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