Saturday, April 9, 2011

bountiful baskets

Has anyone heard of this wonderful thing called bountiful baskets?! This co-op is only offered in a handful of states as it turns out but its all as local as possible, fresh, and affordable baskets of fruits and vegetables. So you go online, on Monday register for you basket which is $15, and it is one laundry basket full of a vegetable assortment and one basket full of fruits. Then you go to a certain location Saturday a high school in town...and pick it up. Easy! You never know what you will get, some crazy items like mangoes, swiss chard it all just depends on what is in season. So I love this (obviously). We got our first basket and it was incredible.

You also have an option to choose other assortments every week.... like we chose the italian pack which is onions, mushrooms, garlic, herbs- basil, parsley, oregano...that was $10, then a 2lb bag of homemade granola for $10.

$35 for all this?! Phenomenal. It was so much fun to decide how to use all of this bountiful food with new recipes that were super healthy. What an awesome opportunity.
I love boise.

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  1. CSA's Community Supported Agriculture is just like that. That is one of my goals, except that you go to the local farm to pick up your basket and you get to meet the farmers that you are supporting, But you have to pay for a whole season ahead of time and then you get a badket every week of their harvest. So it takes a little time to raise the money, but at least you are supporting local farmers. I love this idea. I can't wait till we have the budget to do this. I am with you, it is a new adventure in every basket!


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