Sunday, April 10, 2011

the backyard...

We can't wait for spring, it's been a long cold winter in Idaho. Idaho is the best place for summertime in our minds out of the handful of cities we've lived in (and so does Sunset magazine!). Plus in general summer (to us) is the best time of year... we just get to work full time, no school, warm nights, biking everywhere, farmers markets, floating the river, BBQs in the backyard with friends, gardening, sunshine, fresh vegetables, lawn games- bocce ball, ladder ball, croquet, fires, camping, fishing, and warm days with all of the windows and doors open to take in the fresh air. Can you tell we can't wait?! So this spring break we want to work on readying our yard for summer because its such a huge part of our seasonal happiness. And we want to see if you guys have some ideas for us and our small yard because we are kind of stumped as to what exactly to do...

turquoise, green, wood, burnt orange/rusted iron, white
             (the house is khaki colored, garage is white)
::Already Own::

string lights from our wedding (free)

wood bird feeder from target ($14)

firepot from home depot ($19)

iron chimnea (a wedding gift)

2 Adirondacks, little turquoise painted table, grill (all re-purposed) in our backyard

outdoor clock/thermometer at home depot($10)

::Projects/ To buy/Questions for you::
-plants? sod?: we could plant new sod in the whole be determined. Last year we had lighter grass under the huge oak tree, because its heavy shade so I'd love to have thicker, fuller grass to play on. We also need to landscape the yard a bit, with a few more supplemental plants in the crevices of the yard. I like the over-grown-super-green, lush-yard look. Should we plant grass seeds or just put in all new sod?! What do you think?!
-pots: I want to mix some potted plants in with some plants that are placed in the ground...add some color and height. Where should the pots be placed? Any suggestions?
-patio table: we will be going to IKEA in Utah to look for patio tables. We like the modern look mixed with rustic things, but we will see what we find. We want something not ordinary, a little quirky or homemade?!
-chairs: we have 4 chairs that we could use, 2 painted white and 2 plain wood ones to place around the patio table. Not ideal, but they could work.

::Our Yard:: journal sketch of the yard for you to get perspective...
Disclaimer: these outdoor photos go from being very lively full of happiness, greenery, family, friends, growth, life.... to very dismal, wintery, browns, and one could even say backyard sadness. Be ware. You were warned. Summer is coming however.
...view from the back door of our house out into the yard now...

...view from the patio/porch during our wedding week last summer. my dad, matt's friends, and matt all playing sports toss (aka "corn hole" which I do not prefer to call it) on the mediocre grass...

...view from the porch now...

...view from the big oak in the middle of the yard...

...view from the back patio now...

...this is our crazy, over-grown veggie planters last summer....

...these are the barren-planters right now :( at least chewy likes them...

...our patio with the old table, full of friends and family, oh I miss last summer. Why can't we get married again this summer?!..
...our patio now, with the old table and what is left of the chairs...

I love this yard/ patio table look from West Elm .... unfortunately the table alone is $499!

love this look as well...makes me want to curl up in the sunshine with a chilled glass of chardonnay... west elm of course... i need to really stop looking at their site. ($499 for the chair... however on a happier note the pillow is $24, I could afford that)


  1. Wow I would LOVE planters like that in our yard! Maybe I'll get my husband to build some. And that chair is gorgeous. :)

    Anyway, did you just randomly find my blog - or do I know you? For some reason it's just not clicking and I know my memory really sucks. Haha. But thanks for your comments, you are sweet!

  2. Oh, also, I am so in love with that bird feeder from Target. I was so close to buying one the other day.

  3. Thanks Chase and Amy!! I am in nursing school with Krystal, and I found your blog on hers! You should get the target birdfeeder soon, ours are sold out. Do you think squirrels will get to the birdfeeder hanging? I guess we shall find out!!


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