Wednesday, April 6, 2011

sick days...

I have been sick this week... like hit-by-a-train sick. I missed my nursing clinicals today to go to the urgent care...turns out she doesn't really know what it is... not strep, not the flu (thank goodness my mandatory flu shot wasn't a total waste) maybe sinusitis?! Fantastic. So I am on antibiotics and Matt is asking me to at least blog something besides sleep for the past 3 days. So here I am :) And I actually feel more lively after reading some wonderfully sweet comments you all wrote to me. So thanks for making my day!!

It was weird going to the doctor... I never get sick, but I now have to worry about not only me but a potential spud. It's too early to test if I am I just have to assume that I am and treat my body accordingly...take the vitamins, no alcohol, no coffee...and what about... fevers?! antibiotics?! motrin/tylenol? this bacterial or viral infection I have?! I am too sick to look through my maternal nursing textbook and drug I guess I just have to rely on the doctor, doing her job. And be pleased with my husband being ultra supportive and loving and putting up with my zombie-look... not to mention the cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping- usually all these things we do together...not this week.

However I have some fun DIY projects to post about, we were super busy over spring break (last week) in our those are coming soon! We even had two days of warmth!! Real warmth! It was an amazing spring break.
...sneak peak at our spring break projects...


  1. Oh no! I hope you are feeling better today! I too get sick very rarely but when I do WATCH OUT I am a disaster.

    Lots of soup and rest :) Take care of yourself!

  2. Another nursing student/future mom, cool! Hope you are feeling better, and good luck and blessings on your baby-to-be!


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