Friday, March 25, 2011

Nurse says...

I went to my nurse midwife appointment... like I said because of my freak-out seen here. And first of all...she is fantastic! I have never had an OB/GYN doctor actually just sit and talk with me. Usually you're on the table, super uncomfortable, half-naked, and trying to get to know your doctor before they run out the room to the next patient. Nope, not here. She was extremely attentive and thorough. I loved it. She was super comforting and pretty much told me... to be patient. It's all normal, and when it isn't normal she will take action. But so far, I need to try not to worry myself. I should be getting back to my normal schedule any day now, I am not pregnant- ectopically or otherwise...and once I haven't had my period for 3 months, then it can be induced. She also checked my TSH level... because I have a thyroid situation going on-which could definitely throw off my ovulation, growing a healthy spud...etc. So she will be watching my levels closely, which is nice. I feel like she knows me better in one visit than my ENT surgeon I have been meeting with for a year now. She also understood how stressful it must be to want to try to get pregnant...and we just can't even try! I am not sure if my experience was true for all of the practitioners in the office, or if this was the difference between nurse midwives and docs. But I'm happy with my choice. She said she'd love to be my CNM for when I do get pregnant... I said I'd love to be pregnant... she said we can do that. I think it will be a great relationship. So now I just have to have a little more faith in my body that it will do what it needs to.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic experience. I would love for someone to sit down and talk to me too when we are ready to try.

    I am glad you are feeling better about things :)

  2. Just stumbled onto your blog, it is great. I hope that the little spud sprouts soon, but don't worry too much about it. We waited 9 years for our little spud, impatiently, and then realized that God gave us those nine years to learn and serve and grow. Now looking back, I wouldn't have traded that time for anything in the world!

  3. aww thanks for your sweet comments! I know, I shouldn't worry...its just hard to wait for something you want.


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