Saturday, March 5, 2011


When I think about toys for our kids to play with I think of natural- feel good, and ideally (but not realistically) not plastic toys. Of course this is not obtainable in today's world, especially with all of the adorable plastic toys out there, but I love the feel of real elements- like wood, glass, metal, ceramic. And I want to have less clutter in our lives, slim down the number of things but still providing wonderful learning and playing toys for our kids to enjoy their childhood...and just be kids.
When I had my own Montessori classroom I had very limited amount of plastic items. The philosophy behind it is that when a child picks up a clear, glass-looking drinking glass they feel the weight of glass, there is no misconception with light plastic that looks like glass. You give your child real pure items, that they enjoy, love, and learn to respect. Glass breaks...great! Let's work together on cleaning it up! And it probably won't happen again. They then know glass is heavy, it's breakable, and we go on with's not a disaster. Lesson learned! So when I stumbled upon this adorable wood block set, of real logs I just about died. How perfect. I loved it. So when I showed it to Matt...he just didn't get it. Who wants to play with logs?! Boring! idea of playing with adorable logs...

...Matt's idea of playing with logs...


  1. hey's it going? I think about you often, and wonder how goes the baby planning...

    When I was a kid my dad made most of our toys, Christmas and birthdays were filled with stick horses, playhouses, rocking horses, wood blocks, and lots and lots of scavenger hunts! Bits of wood, textile and leather make amazing toys!

  2. Jes- I didn't know you read this blog, makes me feel like we just had coffee in real life. How fun! Stick horses and playhouses...that sounds like a blast! I want that fun imaginative play for my kids too. Miss you. Baby planning... is just planning so far :)

  3. of course I do!!! I am excited for you and Matt...this is my way of keeping up with your shenanigans! BTW...your photos are are picking it up quick!


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