Monday, March 21, 2011

the in-between....

...there is something extremely definitive about a "not pregnant" instead of the lack of a red line...

So I kind of half-figured that it might take some time to be able to conceive. After all I had been on birth control pills for 8 years... but then the other half of my mind thought that perhaps I'd get pregnant right off the bat without much consideration. However, I never guessed that I'd be right in-between. Now that we have been preparing ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally for the past 4 months... I have zero period and I am not pregnant. What the heck?! How does this happen?! 50 days sans embryo or period?! Just plain-o-lindsey. Let me tell you... it's mildly (ok, moderately) frustrating. Which I am sure doesn't help a darn thing. We are ready to get going with this spud-making...So I scheduled an appointment with my certified nurse midwife (that I ultimately want to deliver our potential spud) to have a gynie appointment, and as it turns out a pre-conception appointment all rolled into one. And hopefully we get some answers.

Now, I am proud to announce that I have a new plan... it's called... throw out the plan. No more plan, no more stress to adhere to our ideal plan, whenever it happens, it happens (and hopefully it does happen)...nursing school conflicts or not. Can they really hold me back a semester if I fulfill all of my requirements, clinicals, assignments?! Will they really not hire a qualified pregnant nursing grad?! No. That's discrimination... right?! (I hope) AND... I'm having a glass of wine with dinner until this alleged "monthly period" comes back!

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  1. I clicked on your blog the other day and wondered... I would feel the same way I'm sure if I was in your shoes. I too am a planner. That being said I love the new plan!

    Best of luck with the appointments and the future spud!

    Enjoy your wine this evening though! I think I will have a glass too :)


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