Sunday, April 17, 2011

sweet packaging.

Does this packaging not make you utterly happy?! I used to be in a soy milk drinking phase, but that was a few years back... but now, I think I am hooked again. How could you resist this?! Way to go 8th continent.
...make it a great day?! I think I will, thanks milk carton...

And on another food note.... Quaker... I am so disappointed in you. I was looking forward to this new sweet chili rice chip of yours. But you have failed me, and you underestimate my taste buds. The chip you have is nothing but over-salted, overwhelmingly-flavored,  and quite frankly gross. I thought you were different from your peers- dorito and cheeto. Please take off 9/10 of your flavor seasoning and we will be friends again.

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  1. That milk carton is adorable! :) It really does make me happy!


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