Wednesday, May 25, 2011

sushi night...

Ever since our first (ever) date at Sushi Zen Mai in Boulder, Colorado Feb. 20th 2008...Matt and I celebrate the 20th of each month by going out to sushi. After eating out with our friends Erica and Will in colorado over christmas a few years ago now they told us about what a fun time they had making their own all inspired us to make our own sushi. So we found a great fish market, to our surprise, right here in Boise, and we attempted our own sushi. It was fantastic and much cheaper than going out to sushi. It was a blast. And can you believe it actually looks like real sushi rolls?! Crazy. So after we got our cruisers, and went to the fish market....we made this wonderful 20th sushi night here at home.

[one of our favorites...salmon, cream cheese, avocado, crab leg, chives & eel sauce...yum.]

[ this amount is usually what we make...for two of us to be utterly stuffed...but comfortably stuffed]

[ we make nigiri...this one is yellow tail, then salmon with lemon, & escolar-the white tuna in the first picture]

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