Wednesday, May 18, 2011

officially summer break

FYI... its officially summer break. Hell yeah. Matt and I get our grown-up lives back.... so we went out and bought some cruiser bikes to kick off a summer full of yard-fun (not yardwork... we love it), projects, more nesting plans, cooking, hobbies... its here. I want to relish in every minute of it. And I think I will...and you should too!

Yes... we bought matchy-matchy bikes. It wasn't our plan in the beginning but these were so incredibly within our budget...that we had to get them. Plus they fit our styles... matt with all black- man's style bike and mine the girly white. And the deal is that once we have one of these...
and one of these...

 ...matt has to pull them on his bike. So he better love the way that bike feels.
So our first cruiser ride was to the reel food fish market..where we buy our sushi grade fish. Then we went to the park to throw the frisbee, boy we are out of shape!...then to the co-op to buy some beer, bread, and chocolate- pretty much the basics. And matt had this great idea to stop in at the wine co-op shop to see if they had any wood boxes to sell us... and they did!

This beauty was $6!! I plan on attaching it to my rack, when it comes in. I am going to do a little sanding and put a urethane finish on it and then I have a one-of-a-kind wood bike basket for our summer outings. So more on that project later.

We enjoyed the dogs, the beer, and our yard on this fine spring (summer to us) day.
Matt got tired of me trying to take pictures of us...the super fun extended arm- type of shots. Well turns out its super tricky with a heavy DSLR camera. But I think we will get better at it, whether Matt likes it or not.
{after this shot I said..."okay now...matt...this time smile!"}
{after this shot I said..."matt... put the beer down...and smile!"}
{after seeing this shot...I was laughing hysterically....}
{and while laughing hysterically I wound up with this shot...I'll take it & call it good.}


  1. Sound likes a fabulous adventure :) I love your white bike!

  2. I LOVE THE CRUISERS. And enjoy the beer as much as possible. I am missing it desperately.

  3. Matt is about as into getting pictures taken as Evan. You guys are seriously the cutest! Congrats on the bikes, too. They are so hottah! xo

  4. Bicycles = fun, lol. Love the trailer idea, I was picturing one of those carseat thingies for our son, but found it kind of scary...the trailer seems so much more attractive and safe.

    You guys are a super cute couple, too!

  5. Shana & Meghan- Thanks!! We already have ridden our cruisers a TON. I want to ride everywhere. I can’t stop dreaming about them. Mountain bikes (like mine in the garage) just don’t have the same carefree appeal. Beer… yes. I am feeling a little bad about drinking even small amounts when we are trying to get pregnant, but we wouldn’t be the first.

    Kristin- Isn’t that funny?! Evan is even a photographer. I guess there is a reason why he is behind the lens. I am glad to see that you check in here. You should start a blog too! We’d love to see pictures of your east coast life.

    SanguineSymmetry- Thanks! And you’re from SLO?! Crazy small world. I went to Cal Poly….for oh…. 5 years. I loved it there. I just couldn’t figure out how to afford to stay. I wonder how it is to grow up there. It was such a college town, but perhaps it felt that way because it was my college town. We now live in Idaho… because that’s where I got into nursing school, but we love it and want to stay. You probably know the struggles of getting into nursing school- so I was happy to move anywhere that would take me :)


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