Tuesday, May 10, 2011

wanted: fun chair.

I want a chair to blog in... I think after two blogs...and two years of dedicated blog posting I deserve one right?! These people have some adorable, fun, and inspiring chairs. We don't have much space, which is probably the #1 reason we don't currently own a fun chair. With a small house and three large dog beds with accompanying dogs...the floor space is at a premium.

So it might be the adorable baby in the monthly-photos over on making it lovely, but this eames rocking chair is to do die for. Also who wouldn't want a mini-library?!

...super fun side chair in this totally awesome A-frame house...

...a "rescued chair" from Apartment Therapy. I have to get the library idea out of my head....

...fun red print chair on re-nest.com...

...amy butler print chair AND wood AND modern...amazing... from designsponge.com...

Oh and I haven't posted about our fun & modern light from IKEA in our living room.... so a modern, streamline chair would go wonderfully in there. You get the point... so now I am on the lookout for a cheap vintage chair to welcome into our life.
our living room

Our newest edition...the IKEA light hanging. Behind me, taking the picture is our big brown couch, door to the left is our bedroom, then the front door straight ahead, matt's office/movie room/guest bed is up stairs...small space I tell ya.

...I think the new chair could go right where Colby is so peacefully lying and my dad's beautiful wine rack...somehow...somewhere squeezed in there...right?! please?!


  1. your house is very peaceful and tranquil! I think a big chair and a half is perfect so that you and Colby can sit together!

  2. I love your house! What part of the country are you in? I saw you blog post about your trip to the Central Coast, I am from San Luis Obispo...I miss it soooo much!


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