Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY halloween costumes

Well folks.... I have to say I usually hate halloween. This year is the exception.... I was actually looking forward to it. Maybe because Halloween falls on a non-work day for me, maybe because I have a party to go to pregnant?! Not sure.

I found this fun picture on pinterest, as probably many of you have. I loved it. A little morbid, but cute. I heard one slant on it- instead of a pregnant skeleton- maybe it's an XRAY of a pregnant lady....however that should never I guess that's morbid also. I also loved the costume idea for Matt. Matt has a bit of a belly too, so we thought it would be fun to be matching. However what is in his belly?! Homebrew beer of course.

The halloween party we went to was a gnome party- where everyone had to be in gnome attire. So we made some big gnome hats and a few tiny gnome hats. Then we made the skeleton tops ourselves. We chose to wear grey pants...not to mess with the femurs and such. It just made things a little simpler. Oh, did I mention that almost everyone at this party is from my work.... ie. healthcare professionals?! So the pressure was on to make our skeletons anatomically correct. They turned out to be a few ribs short and a few mix-matched bones, but that's ok.

What you need:
-freezer paper
-white fabric paint (I considered glow in the dark paint for awhile too- grown-up party....might have been cool)
-foam brush
-black long sleeve shirts

Gnome hat:
-red felt

I bought these items at Michael's and Joann's with 40% off coupons. And the shirts I bought at Old Navy- men's long sleeve thermals. Pretty cheap costume, all together $25!

 [the stencils- freezer paper sketches]

[matt's beer belly shirt]

[matt cutting out little xray-spud in the freezer paper]

[didn't he do a fantastic job?!]

[matt painting on the stencil]

This was my first time using the always blogged about freezer paper as a stencil. It worked great! I made two sizes for the both of us. The freezer paper was perfect to draw on until we liked the shape then cut it out. Simple!

Us as "XRAY Gnomes"

Matt trying to give our little spud-gnome some IPA at the party

 [my friend stephanie a boise-state-gnome] 

[oh yes, spud-gnome with more bad influences, however chelsie is excitedly singing to spud]

The project did take a little forethought and time, but it was a blast! Now do we wear the costumes to answer the door to trick or treaters?! (p.s. we didn't)


  1. I've seen these costumes everywhere (minus the gnome part). Great job on making them yourselves! They turned out great. : )

  2. So awesome! I would expect nothing less from a Cosmo/Fruit-of-a-Loom Girl and her husband! Nice work!

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