Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[week 16]

Ahh.... week 16! This is really getting exciting! You know how people talk about their bump just "popping." Well, I noticed something crazy. My stomach is hard. No, not from my abs. I assure you I have zero muscle tone... which is probably why I started to have a squishy "bump" soo early. Anyways, my abdomen is hard and it's getting bigger. I cannot physically suck in my stomach any longer. The bump is there and I love it. Almost every time I pass a mirror I think this is the most amazing thing I have ever done... I'm growing a human! (I'd like to say I'm exaggerating, but I'm really not...come on...this is brand new to me!) It makes me smile, holy crap...I'm pregnant. We did it!

So now I am just waiting to feel those little baby movements...what does it feel like?! I don't want to miss them. I also have something awesome to share with you...

Yup, that's spud! I was at work... just a coworker, myself, and an ultrasound machine. So we thought what the hey... no guarantees...let's try to find a spud! And oh my gosh, we found a little person! It is absolutely amazing. Talk about a world of change from the comma-shape we saw at week 9. I had my handy iphone...so I was able to share the video with all of our family and matt of course. Do you see all the little punching, kicking, and thumb-sucking?! Adorable. I could watch it all day (actually I try to, believe me). I tried to see if it was a boy or girl...but our ultrasound machine is far from what an OB office would have. It's grainy at best. Oh yeah, and I'm not an ultrasound tech. So there was all of that working against me. So for now we were lucky enough to see our spud alive and growing. And we will have to wait a month to find out the sex.


  1. Awww...cute video. So fun to see your little baby moving around.

    The first movements to me felt like this...imagine a little rubber ball bouncing inside a balloon. Everytime the rubber ball hit the edge of the balloon, it felt like a little kick. It's hard to explain.

  2. Good morning to you. You look so wonderful! The bump is so exciting. I am loving these weekly photos, too. I am glad you decided to capture these moments. xo

  3. love how you describe your "hard" bump. i also love how happy you are about it! i imagine i will be the same way ( & probably poking my belly all the time to feel how it changes)- i think about it happening, but can't imagine actually growing a beautiful little human. patience is so challenging sometimes!!


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