Monday, November 28, 2011

[week 20]

20 weeks! I am at least half way through, how unbelievable is that? And another HUGE milestone this past week...I felt spud kick! I felt it once on my night shift....but I wasn't convinced, I thought it might have been all in my sleepy head. Then the next day at work I felt it again. I almost, ok fine, I started to tear up. AMAZING. Seriously. Borderline nightmarish, but really great. I wish Matt could feel it right now, it's weird that I can't share this with him. Every time I sit still now I feel little kicks and punches. I just laugh or smile with each kick. Like I have some fantastic little inside joke only spud and I share.

Some pregnant women are just like...oh yeah... of course the baby kicks me. No big deal. So I thought I just needed to feel it, and go on with pregnancy. But let me tell you, it's a big deal. Our little spud is getting strong enough to kick me?! That's huge. That means things are going well in utero-land.

We are also having our ultrasound that's super exciting, something we've been waiting on for only 20 weeks. There are certain times in my life that I get goosebumps I am so excited and extra happy with life. That each time I walk by a mirror...I think to myself is this really possible to be so happy?! Does this time have to end?! Cloud 9 moments being a grown-up: the first month meeting matt, moving into the same house, being engaged (something about a ring on the finger from matt for forever- fantastic), being accepted into nursing school, our wedding, the first month of our positive pregnancy test, seeing a baby bump appear, and now feeling kicks. Big moments in life that I just want to savor every last little bit of excitement. It's hard to replicate those times-where nothing could rain on my parade or stomp on my sunshine. Just bliss. I have a feeling we are entering into a HUGE one in April. One I want to hold onto for forever. Right now my sister is starting at the beginning of her cloud 9's. I just want her to cherish every last second and I hope it's just as fantastic. Those "firsts" are hard to do-over, they are for keeps. So wring every last drop of happiness out of it...and relish it.


  1. congrats! Feeling the baby kick is so amazing you never want it to end!

  2. I remember those first movements!! So exciting!! I remembering thinking I was crazy because I started feeling them at 16 weeks! It was actual so comforting because if I felt movements in my mind everything was fine :) you may be able to share your fun with Matt soon. Anders felt the boys for the first time at 23 weeks!! It was fathers day which was even more perfect!! I think that made it even more real for him. I think it is different for husbands because they are not carrying the baby everywhere everyday, their bodies aren't changing, so feeling that little one move is so awesome for them. I hope you get to share soon that was one of my favorite parts!! Half way there and looking great! And yes, you are right meeting your baby for the first time is a moment that is totally undescribable, a love you have never known before!

  3. The crib is beautiful...absolutely the best choice.

    Janice's quilt is adorable!!! Good job, Janice!

    And your excitement over Spud's kicks is precious.

    You're right... enjoy every single moment of this bliss.
    Love the three of you, Mom : )


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