Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the drano test.

A nurse at work had told me that with her two pregnancies she did the drano test, and wanted to know if I had done it yet. I had no idea what she was talking about. She explained that you pour some pee on drano crystals and depending on the color it turns it predicts a boy or a girl. She said it was right on for both her boy and girl babes. I thought it was silly and wildly exciting. After a little research on good ol' google.... I found TONS of resistance to this old wives tale. Gosh, people get so heated! Which really made me want to try it even more. So what if it was wrong? It's a fun science experiment. In a few weeks we will know anyways, and we surely won't be painting a room based on my drano-pee. Oh yeah, and I guess there are bad fumes with the experiment. Whatevs.

So our science experiment took place in the backyard. Well, let me clarify this... I didn't pee outside. I took my sample outside and put some drano crystals in a mason jar. I then ran inside, and matt poured my pee over the crystals and ran inside to watch from the window with me and the dogs. It bubbled and perhaps fumed...we don't know, we were safe inside (sorry mason jar). Then the resulting color was black.

[drano before]
Our key:
(depending on the site there can be different interpretations, perhaps this is why it is unreliable at best... again, whatevs. I chose this key from my nurse-friend)
brown/black= boy
unchanged/blue (color of crystals) = girl

[drano-pee after...do you like those fumes?!]

So drano concludes that we will be having a boy! Fun right?! We think so. We will all find out in a few weeks if it was right.

**Oh yeah, and if you're looking to buy drano crystals...it's hard to find! Lowes had it though, for $6**


  1. lol, can't wait to see if this is true for you!

  2. There is a similar test with baking soda. If you pour your pee in and it bubbles it is a boy, nothing happens it's a girl. It was right for us!!! It is just fun to try before you do know. There is also a necklace test. Look it up, that one is fun too and was right for me as well. Looking forward to seeing your post once you find out!!!

  3. Anyone will be right 50% of the time......:-)


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