Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[week 18]

[I realized I can't take a picture in the afternoon/night with my camera yet, I haven't the DSLR skills. So note to self: take weekly photos earlier in the day or else they will turn out crappy. Thus, my late weekly photo :)]

Spud is now the length of a bell pepper... I don't know about you, but I find these vegetable/fruit comparisons rather tricky. Depending on the state I live in, the size of produce varies greatly. Have you ever seen an avocado in California?- HUGE! Idaho... not so much. This could be a whole month of growth difference in pregnancy world. Anyways. Spud is growing, I know this much.

A perk of my Labor & Delivery/ Post-Partum clinicals in nursing school is that I know where to find my fundus (top of the uterus)! You just lay flat... and depending on which week you are in, you can feel the top part of a hard ball (the uterus) in your belly by gently pressing down, just like at the prenatal appointments. It should be growing higher and higher with each couple of weeks. I can feel mine. It's right below my belly button, right where it should be. This is also a bit of a wonderment for me... how do I have a relatively big baby bump, when I know exactly where my uterus is... it's much lower. What the heck?! Fat? Water? Displaced organs? Regardless, I love it...whatever it may be.

[fundal height according to weeks, little polka dot above the "20" is the belly button]

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  1. You look great!
    here's my favorite website this week: http://www.msichicago.org/whats-here/exhibits/you/the-exhibit/your-beginning/make-room-for-baby/interactive/

    it makes me realize how I can feel so uncomfortable when the baby is still so low!


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